palDJ [QB/ESX]


Package Description

Bring your city to life, and your players together with the power of music! 🎵

Players are able to run their own Radio Station, broadcasting to players no matter where they are. Whether it be through the car radio, MP3 player or neaby speaker. Bringing the party to your players has never been easier.


  • Supports all YouTube videos, with seamless syncing for all listeners.
  • Completely optimized, running at 0.00ms while idle and playing music. Maxes out at 0.02 when near a DJ deck.
  • Sleek interface for DJ decks and MP3 players.
  • Built-in society support, allowing you to directly reward your radio hosts with cash depending on the amount of listeners!
  • Three ways to tune in: Car Radio, MP3 Player, and Speakers!
  • Speakers natively override default GTA stations, making the script perfect for clubs!
  • Ability to add unlimited radio stations.
  • The script will run either ESX or QB with ease, no need for additional installs or purchases.
  • Lifetime support on Discord.
  • Encrypted by escrow, open source is not avaliable.